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How to get to Mudanya, Tirilye and Uludağ

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How to get to Uludag?

When it comes to places to visit in Bursa, Uludag, Tirilye and Mudanya, which come to mind first, how is the easiest way to reach. You can examine in detail in our article.

Uludağ is a place with unique natural beauty that has become the symbol of Bursa. Transportation to Uludag is quite easy. You can reach Uludağ with a journey of approximately one hour by driving from Istanbul or from the centre of Bursa. Uludağ, which is a popular destination for ski lovers in winter, is also an ideal location for activities such as nature walks, camping and picnics in summer.

Uludağ dazzles with its magnificent views. When you reach the summit, you are surrounded by lush forests and impressive mountain views. You can also experience unforgettable moments by staying in the facilities at the summit, where you can watch the sunset and the stars.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Uludağ from our hotel Formback. For our visitors who do not want to stay in Uludag and plan a day trip, after the beauties of Uludag, enjoying the thermal bath in our hotel will be a nice activity to end the day.

If you want to examine the details for transport, just click on the link


How to get to Tirilye?

Tirilye is a peaceful town of Bursa, full of history. Transportation to Tirilye is also very easy. You can reach Tirilye with a journey of about 40 minutes by car from Bursa centre. Here you will be immediately fascinated by the historical Greek houses, narrow streets and the atmosphere by the sea.

The natural beauties of Tirilye will enchant you. While walking by the sea, you get a fresh air and enjoy the view of the deep blue sea. In addition, while you are lost among the historical buildings, you will be welcomed by friendly people and delicious local dishes.

Just click on the link for transport to Tirilye.


How to get to Mudanya?

Mudanya is a coastal town located on the coast of the Marmara Sea. You can easily reach Mudanya from Istanbul or Bursa. You can reach Mudanya with a journey of approximately one and a half hours by driving from Istanbul. From Bursa centre, you can reach Mudanya with a journey of approximately 30-40 minutes.

Mudanya’s natural beauties are impressive. While walking on the beach, you can enjoy the deep blue sea and refreshing breeze. Also, while exploring the historical texture of Mudanya, you will be fascinated by the Greek architecture and narrow streets. To enjoy the sea in Mudanya, you can eat delicious seafood at the seaside restaurants and watch the sunset.

Just click on the link for transport to Mudanya

To summarise,

Uludag, Tirilye and Mudanya; each of them is waiting to be discovered, fascinating with its natural beauties. These locations must be visited to experience peaceful moments in nature, trace the traces of history and watch unique landscapes. You can spend an unforgettable time and make new discoveries in these places, each of which offers its own unique beauties.

With the ease of transport, you can start your day in Uludag and have tea in Mudanya or Tirilye in the evening.

Thanks to the ease of transportation of our hotel, you can reach Uludağ via Çekirge, or you can reach Mudanya or Tirilye from Acemler Metro Station by municipal buses or taxi alternative.

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