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Things to do in Bursa 1

Taste Cantık Special to Bursa

This flavour, which comes out of many bakeries of Bursa, especially the historical Kayhan Bazaar, is a type of pita unique to Bursa with its style of preparation and presentation. Rich minced meat, minced meat cut into cubes or cheddar cheese is placed on the fermented dough and baked in stone ovens and made ready for service.

Start Your Day with Tahini Pita

Do not pass by without tasting the unique pastry flavours of Bursa, tahini pita and walnut Turkish delight in the historical bakeries of Bursa.

This flavour, which came to Bursa with Balkan immigrants in the second half of the XIXth century, is indispensable for breakfast in Bursa.

This flavour, which you can find in many patisseries and bakeries in Bursa, is prepared by pouring tahini with molasses and a small amount of sugar on the yeast dough. Afterwards, it is cooked in stone ovens and made ready for service.

Don’t Leave Without Eating Pideli Köfte

It is a local flavour that you can only find in Bursa with its presentation, content and ingredients.

This flavour, which has also taken its place in the work of Evliya Çelebi, is one of the most important local dishes of Bursa cuisine for centuries. It is known as a flavour that emerged in the meatball shops in Bursa’s Kayhan Bazaar. The famous meatballs of Kayhan Bazaar are placed on the fried and cube-shaped pita bread used in its preparation and butter with tomato sauce is poured over it. Finally, yoghurt is placed on the edge and it is ready to be served.

Visit the Ottoman Sultan Complexes

Visit the complexes of the founding sultans of the Ottoman Empire, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, where the sprouts of the transition from principality to state flourished, is the eternal resting place of the first 6 of the 36 sultans of the state, known as the founding sultans.

Enjoy Döner Kebab

This flavour, which is one of the oldest and most special products of Bursa food culture with its deep-rooted history, cooking style and unique presentation, first appeared in Bursa’s Kayhan bazaar where kebab shops are common. It is one of the first flavours that come to mind when it comes to Bursa. The meat of lambs fed with herbs and thyme in Uludağ plateaus and beef meat are mixed and turned into minced meat and skewered. Afterwards, it is fried vertically by rotating around the coal fire. The fried meat is thinly cut with a knife and placed on the fried and cube-shaped pita bread on the plate prepared for service. Finally, tomato sauce, butter and yoghurt and roasted aubergines are placed on the side and served.

Buy chestnut candies for your loved ones

This dessert, which is made with chestnuts collected from the chestnut trees on the slopes of Uludağ, the symbol of Bursa, has preserved its flavour and formula for years and has survived until today. It is one of the most well-known original flavours of Bursa. The chestnuts used in the production of this dessert are boiled, peeled and placed in a specially prepared syrup beforehand, and after waiting for a day, it is ready to be served.

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