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Archers Bazaar

The bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Bursa, starting from Tuz Pazarı and extending eastwards towards İnönü Street. In time, it was also referred to as Nalıncılar Bazaar. It is mentioned that arrows and other war tools were produced here in the early periods. It got its name from here. Today, it is possible to come across old occupational groups, albeit a little. It is one of the most lively bazaars of Bursa.


Çancilar Bazaar

It is known that the bazaar was known by this name because it was a place where bells worn on animals were produced in the first periods of its establishment. Again, for a period of time, the bazaar was also known as the urgancılar bazaar due to the presence of shops belonging to the urgancıs. Today, it is a bazaar with shops selling mostly wooden daily use items.

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