Oil Massage

40 minutes
Aromatic plant oils are used for massaging. As the aromatic plant oils have very small molecules, they penetrate into the skin as soon as 20 seconds and then mix with blood.
Aromatherapy massage detoxifies the body.
It relieves the stress and enhances the energy.
It is applied for the treatment of some acute diseases.
It removes the bacteria on the skin surface.

Anti-cellulite massage

30 minutes
Cellulite is lumpy fat deposits especially seen in the abdominal area and in the thighs and buttocks because of laxity and sagging, frequently weight gain and loss, pregnancy, excess physical inactivity, and weak connective tissues. The anti-cellulite massage creates an active exercising impact on the muscles which have become inelastic, and enables the loosened and sagged tissue to be recovered, thus ensuring that you enjoy your old fit body.

Moss Massage

It is a special massage used for detoxifying, refreshing, and tightening the body. If you wish, you can have a peeling prior to massage.

Turkish Bath Foam Massage

20 minutes
This traditional massage is applied onto the whole body with the suds of the natural olive oil soap in a Turkish Bath.
It is a relaxing and soothing type of massage.


10 minutes
The skin pores are expanded with steam after perspiration in Turkish Bath or Sauna. By scrubbing using bath flannel, the dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin, and the skin gets regenerated.
The negative energy on the body turns into the positive energy.


The peeling applied with fully natural sea salt helps with removing the skin blemishes and in-depth cleaning of the skin pores.
It cleans and regenerates the skin, removes the wrinkles, and prevents the formation of blackheads.

Thermal Turkish Bath (For Men)

In our thermal bath where you can get rid of all the negative energies through the massages administered by our specialists in a decent environment where you can find all you can expect from a SPA,
you can simply enjoy the Thermal Turkish Bath, Indoor Thermal Swimming Pool, Sauna, Cold Shower Units, Bath Flannelling, Foam Massage, Local Massage, and Oil Massage services.

Thermal Turkish Bath (For Women)

In our thermal Turkish Bath for Women where you can enjoy more than a SPA, we provide service with our specialists all the day. You can either simply enjoy massage, or enjoy Thermal Turkish Bath all the day within an environment where you can relieve yourself of all the stress of the day.